The Milano Series

TCM Watches - Milano San Babila

The craftspeople at Terra Cielo Mare (TCM) created the Milano Series to commemorate “Milano” the throbbing heartbeat of the Lombardia region of Northern Italy.

Milano rests in the center of the Po Valley, and has long been acknowledged as the financial and cultural heart not just Northern Italy, but the entire world. For many centuries, Milan served as an intersection for traders, merchants and artists to transport exotic goods, as well as artistic influences from the Far East, through the Mediterranean Sea to continental Europe. Milan continues to flourish as a prosperous industrial center and creative capital for design, style and elegance in the worlds of fashion and art.

The Milano Series draws a portion of its inspiration for its design from the elegant and often sober Milanese citizens.  The dial of the Milano Series incorporates historical and often-iconic structures found through out the city of Milan, such as: the Duomo Catherial (Milan’s Iconic Church), the Stazione Centrale (Central Station) and the Piazza San Babila.

 Introducing the first in the Milano Series:
“The Milano San Babila”.

The Piazza San Babila is known to be the epicenter for Milan’s so called “cultural revolution”.  Following World War II, Milan rose to the spotlight as a groundbreaker in fashion, advertising and cultural nightlife in the world.  The Milano San Babila design is a tribute the “Milano da bere”  (Milano to drink), and pays homage to this decadent, glamorous, hedonistic period in the 1980’s, when Milanese people were known for reckless behavior in the many cafés, bars and restaurants that surrounded the Piazza San Babila.

Tera Cielo Mare Milano San Babila - TCM Watches

The green coloring of the dial on the Milano San Babila represents growth and hope for a rewarding future. Green is also representative of a casino table; people of this period were willing to gamble on their futures, with little or no regard for the prospect of a secure future: “everything on the table”, “it’s all or nothing”. This hazardous attitude of the classic urban Melanesian encouraged personal growth, entrepreneurial talents, bringing wealth and prosperity to many.

TCM intentionally chose to design the Milano San Babila to measure 38mm in diameter.  The 38mm sizing symbolizes that in today’s cultural environment men and women are of equal importance. There is no need to isolate the sexes with different watch sizing; the Milano San Babila is truthfully a unisex timepiece. This daring concept is not viewed equally by TCM’s contemporizes in a predominately male dominated industry.

The Milano San Babila’s modest elegant design demonstrations that in this world of increasing dial sizing, and complex dial faces: sometimes “smaller is be better”.