Fortuna Chronometrie: Valjoux 7750 "Special Edition"

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Jannes Vollmuth - Master watchmaker 

Jannes Vollmuth - Master watchmaker 

The “Iron Bridge Special Edition” chronograph crafted by Fortuna was designed and manufactured with the vision of providing a luxurious, high quality timepiece at an affordable price. Created through an extraordinary partnership by Chad Tsagris of “IRON BRIDGE WATCHES” and Jannes Vollmuth the founder of “FORTUNA CHRONOMETRIE”. Working together they were inspired to design and manufacture “Iron Bridge Special Edition” chronograph, MADE IN GERMANY.

Fortuna Chronometrie and Iron Bridge Watch Co. are honoured to present this limited (600 pieces) chronograph timepiece. Made in Germany and driven using the ever-popular Swiss Made Valjoux 7750. All at a price that’s hard to resist.


The Movement

The Valjoux 7750 can be discovered in many mid to high range mechanical watches found in countless fine establishments throughout the world. The Valjoux 7750 came into being (July 1st, 1974) when quartz watches were all the rage. The development of the ETA 7750 or the Valjoux 7750 is created for saving the watches industry from the grips of the quartz revolution. Prior to the introduction of the Valjoux 7750, chronographs watches relied heavy on a column wheel mechanism to start, stop and reset the stopwatch functions.

The cost to produce mechanical chronographs was extremely high due to the high expenditures to manufacture the column wheel mechanism. These high expenses help drive the quartz revolution, as quartz chronograph watches could be mass manufactured and exceptionally less expense. The introduction of the Valjoux 7750

changed how mechanical chronograph watches were made. The Valjoux 7750 relied on a coulisse-lever escapement to function the stopwatch. The stopwatch’s functions operated on levers that would push and pull an oblong cam back and forth, to start, stop and reset the stopwatch.

This system of levers and cams were easier and less costly to manufacture and in a way are credited for saving the mechanical chronograph from the quartz revolution of the 1970’s to 1980’s.

The Case:

Our cases are made from 316L medical grade stainless steel, which offers a long-lasting visual appearance, with great stability and very high strength. The Fortuna case has been designed to fit perfectly on your wrist. All the components (movement, dial, hands, complete with its casing-ring) are securely fitted into the case, allowing for minimal movement. The crown is then inserted and screws secure the movement.


The oscillating weight is put in place and screwed in using a dynamometric screwdriver serving to precisely define the tightening torque. Fortuna “Iron Bridge Special Edition” chronographs are all equipped with sapphire crystals that are glare proofed on both sides. This guarantees extreme sturdiness, combined with optimal readability of information in all circumstances. Producing synthetic sapphires (the hardest stone after the diamond) calls upon extremely sophisticated skills and production means, and involves a large number of operations. Applying the glare proofing on both sides requires highly specialized expertise and equipment.


Driven by the idea to implement our own vision of watchmaking, we developed the exclusive Fortuna “Iron Bridge Special Edition” chronograph. Inspired by the 1950’s, the “Iron Bridge Special Edition” is shown in a retro styling. The artisans at Fortuna have linked modern technology with a timeless and exclusive design. At Fortuna

precision and attention to detail are is our priority. At the beginning of a project the art is the inspiration and our desire to build transforms this art to reality. Precision and passion is an essential prerequisite in order to express these ideas in the form of a masterpiece of watchmaking. The result is distinctive, stylish timepiece for any occasion.


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Ostrich leather straps:

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Our watches are equipped with a high-quality Ostrich leather strap. Like any strap manufactured by Fortuna, you will acquire an elegantly handcrafted product. The preparation of the leather is given ample time to curate, which makes every strap an elaborate work of art. A gentle manufacturing process guarantees natural, unique masterpieces.

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All Iron Bridge Special Edition chronograph watches come with two straps. The black and tan ostrich leather straps, allowing you to coordinate to match your attire.


Fortuna chronograph also requires special materials and advanced functionality. Products made from 316L stainless steel case, handmade ostrich leather bracelets, and precise movements of the highest quality and to protect our timepieces all our watches are equipped with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The movement used in “Iron Bridge Special Edition” are made exclusively by well-known company from Switzerland. We want to offer the highest quality and the best service to our customers. For these reasons, the “Iron Bridge Special Edition” is assembled exclusively in our watchmaking workshops in Germany. Quality watches MADE IN GERMANY.

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Inspired by the 1950s, the “Iron Bridge Special Edition” watches are shown in a classically elegant retro design. The artisans at Fortuna have linked modern technology with timeless, exclusive design. Through years of experience in traditional German watchmaking and a personal passion, with attention to detail, the exclusive “Iron Bridge Special Edition” crafted by Fortuna emerged. The quality characteristics of a Fortuna crafted watches include the use of high quality materials and advanced functionality.

The time of technological upheaval is revived by this timeless retro design, combined with quality craftsmanship and watchmaking. A finely banded minute scale, the fine nostalgic pointer and graceful chronograph eyes complament the subtly colored dial. To ensure perfect readbility in every situation we have installed a high quality anti-reflective sapphire crystal in each of our lavishly produced stainless steel cases. The atrisans at Fortuna Chronometrie have attached great importance to quality, precision and attention to every detail when creating the “Iron Bridge Special Edition”. Because at Fortuna: “MADE IN GERMANY” is not only our claim, but also our passion. The traditional German craftsmanship and the attention to detail breathes life into every “Iron Bridge Special Edition” timepiece. In order to ensure our quality standards in production and service we employ only highly