MRket Show - NYC - Out Of Order Watches

Luxury Out Of Order Chronograph Watches

An ongoing project of mine has been the promotion and distribution of a little known brand into the North American market; OOO® or OUT OF ORDER Watches. I first came upon this brand last year in Basel, Switzerland; the founders of OOO® had created a watch with a classic look and a vintage charm.

Luxury Designer Watch - OOO Italy
Out Of Order Watch Limited Edition

These craftsmen from the Venice region of Italy took great pride in their creations. They were proud of their motto “the more beat-up they are, the cooler they look, so please treat them badly”.

In the watch world its seems to be all about shine and polish, OOO® had the notion that there were times when it looked cooler to wear a watch with that rugged rustic appearance. You know the places; some cool out of the way bar in the back alley, an outdoor football event where your freezing your ass off, or even a beach bon-fire, places you don’t want to take your precious Rolex.

OOO® watches just look cool, when out I have continuously been complemented and asked about what I’m wearing on my wrist. And so my quest continues to bring this cool watch into the hands, or “wrists”, of America.

This journey brings me to the MRket Show in New York and Las Vegas, where Iron Bridge Watch Co. will be displaying OOO® watches to buyers from around the country. Giving buyers a chance to exam this unique and charming brand.

So if you fortunate enough to be in NYC January 23-25, 2017, I will be presenting these fine timepieces at the “Made In Italy” section of the MRket Show being held at Jacob Javitis Center (booth 2729). Or in Las Vegas February 21-23, 2017 at the Project Show in Mandalay Bay Convention Center.


Look for us under OOO® Watches or Iron Bridge Watch Co. Or you can always see us online at

 Unable to make this show? Use the Code “MRket 2017” and we’ll give you the show discount (20% off msrp) on any OOO® watch January 23 to February 23, 2017.