How We Got Our Start - The Beginnings of Out Of Order

Torpedine 42mm Automatic Watch - Out Of Order Watches

OOO “Out of Order” Watches was founded in February of 2013, near Venezia, Italy, the birthplace of Marco Polo. And like other great Italians we are proud to be the first to bring you our OOO “Out of Order” Watch brand.

In the highly competitive Watch World, we were the first to design a watch with that old vintage charm, without compromising on the watches quality. You don’t need to worry about tarnishing the look of an Out of Order watch, its designed to look worn. So please, treat them badly. The more beat-up they are, the cooler they look.

Each watch in our collection is damaged in Italy through a unique handcrafted process by our skilled technicians. Each one of our watches is exceptional; in fact no two pieces look exactly alike. Luxury like this often costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars more.

So we invite you to examine our fine line of Out Of Order watches. Pick it up, feel the quality and don’t be concerned about mishandling it, we’ve already done that for you.