Another Peak Reached

Terra Cielo Mare Orienteering Cerro Torre

Just after posting my latest blog “New Peaks to Climb”, I received a text from Luca Fontana introducing a new addition to the Terra collection. Terra Cielo Mare is proud to present a very limited edition (20 pieces) new version to the Orienteering model: Cerro Torre. This watch is a collaboration between TCM and Ragni di Lecco (a group of alpine enthusiasts who successfully scaled Cerro Torre “Scream of Stone” in February 2016).

Just like the other models in the Orienteering collection, the Cerro Torre is a functional solar compass that is not influenced by magnetic fields or electronic failures during the day. During the nighttime the star map on the back case of all orienteering watches provides a useful navigational tool when combing the heavens for the North Star and Southern Cross.

Orienteering Cerro Torre Front
Orienteering Cerro Torre Case Back

The truly unique and collectable aspect of the Cerro Torre, is that the actual dial of the watch is made from the genuine stone found on the Cerro Torre mountain of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field in South America, thus making the Orienteering Cerro Torre a true collector's dream choice.

Terra Cielo Mare and Ragni di Lecco have also agreed that part of the proceeds of the sale of the Orienteering Cerro Torre will be donated to Nepal mountain communities. This will help in their efforts to rejuvenate alpinism (a key activity in Nepal), which was heavily damaged as a result of the 2015 earthquake.

Orienteering Cerro Torre Close Up

Technical features and pricing for the Orienteering Cerro Torre and other watches in the TCM collection may be obtained through Iron Bridge Watch Co. by filling out the form below.

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