New Peaks to Climb

Terra Cielo Mare - New Peaks to Climb

Being a watch enthusiast can be a hard job; does one stick with tried and true or does one boldly go to where few dare to venture. This can be said of watchmakers as well; while most strive to imitate the big boys, a few will journey down a different path. Introducing a new brand can be a demanding endeavor with long steep ascends to success or catastrophic descends into failure.  Every step of this expedition needs to be planned in order to attain prominence in the horologic realm.

It was while I was searching for my own foothold in the watch world that I came upon Terra Cielo Mare, or TCM. In TCM I unearthed a brand that was able to ascend the peaks to success. Under the direction of Luca Fontana (an accomplished mountaineer and adventurer), this family run business from Northern regions of Italy set about producing rare watches that combined history and design to intrigue watch enthusiasts.

The company was founded in Italy in 1999 with the idea of combining Swiss mechanics with an Italian flair. All of TCM’s watches are handmade by skilled artisan craftsmen. Each watch in the brand is produced in limited quantities, making them extremely attractive to the passionate watch collector.

The TCM brand is available in 3 distinct collections: Terra-Cielo-Mare.

The first of these is Terra or Land, which comes in five styles. Two of the watches in this collection are the Orienteering El Alamein and Orienteering BP (the watch worn by Brad Pitt’s character in World War Z). These two watches were designed for the explorer at heart, whether at land or sea. It uses the position of the sun or stars as a solar compass, so you are able to determine your position without the aid of magnets or electronic devices. A great feature to have if your lost in the wildness with no cell phone reception. Knowing Luca as a friend I am sure his inspiration for these watches comes from his own cavalier lifestyle as a mountaineer.

The next in the Terra collection are the Milano Classic and Milano Crono, two watches designed to pay tribute to the style, creativity and design, which Milan Italy is known for.

88 Flak is the final watch in the Terra collection. The 88 Flak was released for the first time in 2016 and is available as a limited edition of 88 pieces. Each watch is made from an original 88-caliber bullet used in the famous anti-aircraft cannon 8.8cm Fliegabwehrkanone, also know as the Flak 88 (used in WWII).

For more historical information on the complete line of TCM watches you can visit their webpage

These and other watches from TCM are available in the USA and Canada through Iron Bridge Watch Co. Look  in the coming week for the second of this three part series on TCM when I explore the Cielo or Sky line.