The Birth of a Great Idea

Sometimes you have to get a little "Out of Order" to be inspired to do something you have a passion for. Last March 2016, I came into contact with just such a person. I was attending Baselworld (the biggest watch show in the world) in Basel, Switzerland, when I stumbled upon Riccardo. I'd have to admit it was late in the day and I had partaken in more than a few of the free beverages the dealers had to offer.  So, as the Italian's like to say, I too was feeling a little Out of Order.

In need of a little more refreshment and rest from the long day, I sat and listened to this smiling, happy Italian as he showed me his wears. I had to admit, I did like what I saw. So, I asked him how he came up with  the idea of making a watch that looked vintage. (A little side note here: vintage watches are my passion. Check me out on Facebook at Iron Bridge Watches).

Riccardo smiled and in somewhat broken english he recited  his mantra for "Out of Order":

Out of Order Watches® born nearby the wonderful Venezia - Italy, where we’re based, in February 2013 during a hangover. 

Our concept is super easy: we’re the first producers in the World of Watches where watches are born already aged -without compromising quality- .
You don’t have to worry about ruining them, so please, treat them bad: the more damaged they are, the more cool they become. 

Our products appear so Vintage to be like:• the true Vintage coat that you’ve got in your closet
• the car of 60’s you’ve always dreamed
• the bike of your grandfather that you’re customizing to let it become a fi
• these wonderful sunglasses you’ve found in an old bag, bought in that cute vintage market in London last year

.......or like the youthfulness you’ve lost reading the list here above. 

Each one of our products is Damaged In Italy, through an handcrafted process made by the skilled hands of our expert technicians.

Each piece is a unique piece and no, nothing is left to chance. We’re simply obsessed by the details . 

Details which give absolutely a luxury taste at each one of our watch.

One day, when the time is right , we will release the full version of the birth of this idea - This is a promise. (His words, his press release)

What he failed to put in his press release was the origin of his hangover.  Earlier in the day, Riccardo, doing what all fine Italians like to do, was enjoying his daily routine. A little vino, some fine Italian cooking and a little more vino, well on his way to getting "Out of Order" as he likes to say. So, as the day wore on he needed to get home, what better way than bicycle. In my mind I imagined him riding his old bike home ( I assume it was his). Once home he crashed for the night, the next morning upon waking and in need of knowing the time he looked at the watch he was still wearing. This once new watch was scuffed and scratch, and in his hungover blur, Riccardo thought this scuffed/scratch watch looked cool, vintage like. Thus this "Out of Order" moment inspired his dream to design a watch with that handcrafted vintage look built in.

So, in true Out of Order fashion I decided then and there I would make it my passion to bring these affordable vintage looking watches to the North American market.

In true "Out of Order" fashion we celebrated to our new friendship/partnership with a toast.

And please feel free to share your "Out of Order" moments with us.  After all, who doesn't like a good story - "one never knows where it may lead". Best story will receive a "Out of Order" t-shirt!!

I know it's "Out of Order".