Fortuna Chronometrie: Valjoux 7750 "Special Edition"

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Jannes Vollmuth - Master watchmaker 

Jannes Vollmuth - Master watchmaker 

The “Iron Bridge Special Edition” chronograph crafted by Fortuna was designed and manufactured with the vision of providing a luxurious, high quality timepiece at an affordable price. Created through an extraordinary partnership by Chad Tsagris of “IRON BRIDGE WATCHES” and Jannes Vollmuth the founder of “FORTUNA CHRONOMETRIE”. Working together they were inspired to design and manufacture “Iron Bridge Special Edition” chronograph, MADE IN GERMANY.

Fortuna Chronometrie and Iron Bridge Watch Co. are honoured to present this limited (600 pieces) chronograph timepiece. Made in Germany and driven using the ever-popular Swiss Made Valjoux 7750. All at a price that’s hard to resist.


The Movement

The Valjoux 7750 can be discovered in many mid to high range mechanical watches found in countless fine establishments throughout the world. The Valjoux 7750 came into being (July 1st, 1974) when quartz watches were all the rage. The development of the ETA 7750 or the Valjoux 7750 is created for saving the watches industry from the grips of the quartz revolution. Prior to the introduction of the Valjoux 7750, chronographs watches relied heavy on a column wheel mechanism to start, stop and reset the stopwatch functions.

The cost to produce mechanical chronographs was extremely high due to the high expenditures to manufacture the column wheel mechanism. These high expenses help drive the quartz revolution, as quartz chronograph watches could be mass manufactured and exceptionally less expense. The introduction of the Valjoux 7750

changed how mechanical chronograph watches were made. The Valjoux 7750 relied on a coulisse-lever escapement to function the stopwatch. The stopwatch’s functions operated on levers that would push and pull an oblong cam back and forth, to start, stop and reset the stopwatch.

This system of levers and cams were easier and less costly to manufacture and in a way are credited for saving the mechanical chronograph from the quartz revolution of the 1970’s to 1980’s.

The Case:

Our cases are made from 316L medical grade stainless steel, which offers a long-lasting visual appearance, with great stability and very high strength. The Fortuna case has been designed to fit perfectly on your wrist. All the components (movement, dial, hands, complete with its casing-ring) are securely fitted into the case, allowing for minimal movement. The crown is then inserted and screws secure the movement.


The oscillating weight is put in place and screwed in using a dynamometric screwdriver serving to precisely define the tightening torque. Fortuna “Iron Bridge Special Edition” chronographs are all equipped with sapphire crystals that are glare proofed on both sides. This guarantees extreme sturdiness, combined with optimal readability of information in all circumstances. Producing synthetic sapphires (the hardest stone after the diamond) calls upon extremely sophisticated skills and production means, and involves a large number of operations. Applying the glare proofing on both sides requires highly specialized expertise and equipment.


Driven by the idea to implement our own vision of watchmaking, we developed the exclusive Fortuna “Iron Bridge Special Edition” chronograph. Inspired by the 1950’s, the “Iron Bridge Special Edition” is shown in a retro styling. The artisans at Fortuna have linked modern technology with a timeless and exclusive design. At Fortuna

precision and attention to detail are is our priority. At the beginning of a project the art is the inspiration and our desire to build transforms this art to reality. Precision and passion is an essential prerequisite in order to express these ideas in the form of a masterpiece of watchmaking. The result is distinctive, stylish timepiece for any occasion.


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Ostrich leather straps:

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Our watches are equipped with a high-quality Ostrich leather strap. Like any strap manufactured by Fortuna, you will acquire an elegantly handcrafted product. The preparation of the leather is given ample time to curate, which makes every strap an elaborate work of art. A gentle manufacturing process guarantees natural, unique masterpieces.

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All Iron Bridge Special Edition chronograph watches come with two straps. The black and tan ostrich leather straps, allowing you to coordinate to match your attire.


Fortuna chronograph also requires special materials and advanced functionality. Products made from 316L stainless steel case, handmade ostrich leather bracelets, and precise movements of the highest quality and to protect our timepieces all our watches are equipped with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The movement used in “Iron Bridge Special Edition” are made exclusively by well-known company from Switzerland. We want to offer the highest quality and the best service to our customers. For these reasons, the “Iron Bridge Special Edition” is assembled exclusively in our watchmaking workshops in Germany. Quality watches MADE IN GERMANY.

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Inspired by the 1950s, the “Iron Bridge Special Edition” watches are shown in a classically elegant retro design. The artisans at Fortuna have linked modern technology with timeless, exclusive design. Through years of experience in traditional German watchmaking and a personal passion, with attention to detail, the exclusive “Iron Bridge Special Edition” crafted by Fortuna emerged. The quality characteristics of a Fortuna crafted watches include the use of high quality materials and advanced functionality.

The time of technological upheaval is revived by this timeless retro design, combined with quality craftsmanship and watchmaking. A finely banded minute scale, the fine nostalgic pointer and graceful chronograph eyes complament the subtly colored dial. To ensure perfect readbility in every situation we have installed a high quality anti-reflective sapphire crystal in each of our lavishly produced stainless steel cases. The atrisans at Fortuna Chronometrie have attached great importance to quality, precision and attention to every detail when creating the “Iron Bridge Special Edition”. Because at Fortuna: “MADE IN GERMANY” is not only our claim, but also our passion. The traditional German craftsmanship and the attention to detail breathes life into every “Iron Bridge Special Edition” timepiece. In order to ensure our quality standards in production and service we employ only highly




The Milano Series

TCM Watches - Milano San Babila

The craftspeople at Terra Cielo Mare (TCM) created the Milano Series to commemorate “Milano” the throbbing heartbeat of the Lombardia region of Northern Italy.

Milano rests in the center of the Po Valley, and has long been acknowledged as the financial and cultural heart not just Northern Italy, but the entire world. For many centuries, Milan served as an intersection for traders, merchants and artists to transport exotic goods, as well as artistic influences from the Far East, through the Mediterranean Sea to continental Europe. Milan continues to flourish as a prosperous industrial center and creative capital for design, style and elegance in the worlds of fashion and art.

The Milano Series draws a portion of its inspiration for its design from the elegant and often sober Milanese citizens.  The dial of the Milano Series incorporates historical and often-iconic structures found through out the city of Milan, such as: the Duomo Catherial (Milan’s Iconic Church), the Stazione Centrale (Central Station) and the Piazza San Babila.

 Introducing the first in the Milano Series:
“The Milano San Babila”.

The Piazza San Babila is known to be the epicenter for Milan’s so called “cultural revolution”.  Following World War II, Milan rose to the spotlight as a groundbreaker in fashion, advertising and cultural nightlife in the world.  The Milano San Babila design is a tribute the “Milano da bere”  (Milano to drink), and pays homage to this decadent, glamorous, hedonistic period in the 1980’s, when Milanese people were known for reckless behavior in the many cafés, bars and restaurants that surrounded the Piazza San Babila.

Tera Cielo Mare Milano San Babila - TCM Watches

The green coloring of the dial on the Milano San Babila represents growth and hope for a rewarding future. Green is also representative of a casino table; people of this period were willing to gamble on their futures, with little or no regard for the prospect of a secure future: “everything on the table”, “it’s all or nothing”. This hazardous attitude of the classic urban Melanesian encouraged personal growth, entrepreneurial talents, bringing wealth and prosperity to many.

TCM intentionally chose to design the Milano San Babila to measure 38mm in diameter.  The 38mm sizing symbolizes that in today’s cultural environment men and women are of equal importance. There is no need to isolate the sexes with different watch sizing; the Milano San Babila is truthfully a unisex timepiece. This daring concept is not viewed equally by TCM’s contemporizes in a predominately male dominated industry.

The Milano San Babila’s modest elegant design demonstrations that in this world of increasing dial sizing, and complex dial faces: sometimes “smaller is be better”.

Back To Baselworld With OOO Watches

The limited edition Iron Bridge OOO watch 

The limited edition Iron Bridge OOO watch 

Well it’s that time of year again, a time to once again return to Basel, Switzerland to attend another Baselworld. Last year was an eye opening experience to say the least, now a year later I find myself wondering what will draw into my sights.

Some of the highlights from last year: The design of a co –brand between OOO watches and Iron Bridge Watch Co. This watch is a limited edition (100 pcs) automatic movement, bronze casing and blue dial. The watch comes with two straps, Italian tan leather with blue stitching and a blue Nato strap. The watch has that old vintage charm like the other watches from OOO watches.

The second brand I was able to introduce to the US market was Terra Cielo Mare (TCM). Another Italian brand this time from the Milan area. This brand draws their design inspiration from the Land (Terra), Sky (Cielo), and Sea (Mare). TCM manufactures a limited number watches using Swiss craftsmen and Swiss movements.

Blanchet Deep Dive 1000M

Blanchet Deep Dive 1000M

The Blanchet brand of watches is the third brand I was able to gain distribution rights to in the US. The Blanchet brand has long historical presents in its design. Dating back to the late 1700’s: Napoleon III commissioned Blanchet to design a model to be presented to officers of the French Army. Some models in the Blanchet brand are Swiss Chronograph certified (COSC) a very distinguished honor to have in a watch.

As I look back I see my family of watches growing: OOO Watch Brand being the teenager, colorful, fun, beaming with energy and excitement. TCM the rock steady parent, the one you grow to depend on to guide us. And finally there’s Blanchet the cool grandparent, distinguished with old world charm.

Heading to Basel this year I will be looking to extend my watch family tree, who knows, another brother or even a new born. For me this is reason enough to attend Baselworld each year.

For a complete look and description of OOO, TCM and Blanchet check out my blogs at:


This year I will be posting brief blogs and pictures on the brands that I discover at Baselworld.


The all new Unlimited Edition Scarabeo 

The all new Unlimited Edition Scarabeo 

MRket Show - NYC - Out Of Order Watches

Luxury Out Of Order Chronograph Watches

An ongoing project of mine has been the promotion and distribution of a little known brand into the North American market; OOO® or OUT OF ORDER Watches. I first came upon this brand last year in Basel, Switzerland; the founders of OOO® had created a watch with a classic look and a vintage charm.

Luxury Designer Watch - OOO Italy
Out Of Order Watch Limited Edition

These craftsmen from the Venice region of Italy took great pride in their creations. They were proud of their motto “the more beat-up they are, the cooler they look, so please treat them badly”.

In the watch world its seems to be all about shine and polish, OOO® had the notion that there were times when it looked cooler to wear a watch with that rugged rustic appearance. You know the places; some cool out of the way bar in the back alley, an outdoor football event where your freezing your ass off, or even a beach bon-fire, places you don’t want to take your precious Rolex.

OOO® watches just look cool, when out I have continuously been complemented and asked about what I’m wearing on my wrist. And so my quest continues to bring this cool watch into the hands, or “wrists”, of America.

This journey brings me to the MRket Show in New York and Las Vegas, where Iron Bridge Watch Co. will be displaying OOO® watches to buyers from around the country. Giving buyers a chance to exam this unique and charming brand.

So if you fortunate enough to be in NYC January 23-25, 2017, I will be presenting these fine timepieces at the “Made In Italy” section of the MRket Show being held at Jacob Javitis Center (booth 2729). Or in Las Vegas February 21-23, 2017 at the Project Show in Mandalay Bay Convention Center.


Look for us under OOO® Watches or Iron Bridge Watch Co. Or you can always see us online at

 Unable to make this show? Use the Code “MRket 2017” and we’ll give you the show discount (20% off msrp) on any OOO® watch January 23 to February 23, 2017.

The Origins of the Blanchet Brand

My journey into horology has always been a mix of mechanical brilliance and historical intrigue when it comes to timepieces. I have frequently been complimented on my ability to fuse the two together. My passion and enjoyment as a collector has constantly inspired me to pursue the lesser-known brands. I have rarely been disappointed when I am able to uncover a timepiece that combines mechanical and historical characteristics into their design.

The Blanchet brand brings all that I desire in a timepiece into a fine package. As I unwrapped the parcel set before me I could see the care taken to ensure the coveted timepiece inside was presented in a style befitting luxurious competitors. The history of Blanchet says that Napoleon III commissioned some models of Blanchet watches to be presented to officers of the French Army for their service. The presentation set before me was apropos of an emperor honoring his loyal legionnaires.  As I extracted the Blanchet model DD 1000.AC.01 from the package I was taken back by its overwhelming presence. Before me lay a timepiece that felt great on the wrist, and looked fabulous. Further investigation into the mechanics affirmed that DD 1000.AC.01 lived up to Blanchet’s high standards of excellence.

This 44mm deep dive watch is powered by a Swiss Chronograph certified (COSC) SW 200 or ETA 2824 movement. Great care went into the functional design of the timepiece, from superluminal black dial, Safire double curved crystal to stainless steel 316L case material.  Waterproof to 100 ATM, this elegant watch could be comfortably worn with a three-piece suit or deep diving gear. The Blanchet brand was truly a happy find for me, but what are the origins of this familiar yet lesser-known brand?

The geneses of the Blanchet dates back to the late 1700’s where Jean Blanchet, a Swiss watchmaker, grew up in Lyon France working with his father in their small watch dial factory. A young Jean was fascinated by the French and Swiss watchmaking traditions, and in 1789 he launched his own watch manufacturing company. By 1819 the Blanchet brand became a reputable brand name across much of old Europe. The Blanchet brand continued to grow in popularity; by 1852 Yves Blanchet took over the business after the accidental death of his father, Jean.  Four years later Yves relocated the watch factory to Coppet in Lake Geneva area of Switzerland and operated under the name “Manufacture d’Horologerie Blanchet & Cie”.  Yves equated his passion for watchmaking with his other love of making wine; he is known to have stated “a good watch is like a good wine; only time enhances the value and quality”. Yves continually crafted watches at the highest standards of durability and quality. The Blanchet brand consistently provided originality, luxury and style and was known to adorn the wrists of some important historical figures of the time period, such as, Napoleon III and British Prime Minster Gladstone.

The Blanchet brand continued to acquire status until the entire factory burnt down in 1914. The Blanchet brand lay dormant until 2010 when D Group resurrected the Blanchet brand. Under the direction of Christian Disanto, Blanchet’s plan is to deliver a timepiece crafted with contemporary elegance in perfect harmony with the timeless standards set by its predecessors.

Blanchet delivers the best of two worlds, fusing Italian design with Swiss technology to offer a handmade, highly crafted timepiece built for today.

Iron Bridge Watch Co. Trunk Show - Saturday December 17th 12:00PM - 5:00PM

Manayunk Bridge 

It's only befitting that Iron Bridge Watches first ever trunk show will be held in the charming, small town neighbourhood of Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA.

This was the place where my dream of Iron Bridge started. Its namesake comes from the strength of the Manayunk Bridge that overlooks its cherished Main Street; a gleaming sign of the small town America that once was and will become in the future once again.

Omega 1972 Mark II

As a former resident of Manayunk, the neighborhood's outstanding community fully inspires youthful minds, and drove me to take adventure in starting my own company. I must say, it's more of a passion project than work for me. When you're as passionate and in love with the preservation of the art of watch making, both vintage and the innovators such as all independent and micro brand watches companies, we wish to promote and inspire. Iron Bridge Watch Co's goal is to build a community to support and promote the watch industry.

TCM El Alemien Orienteeing 

Next week, December 17th, I will have the pleasure of hosting at Bendi Jewelers. My first truck show event will be held at 4333 Main St. Manayunk, 19127. My partnerships with Out Of Order Watches and Terra Cielo Mare , I will be showcasing both their stunning timepieces along with my pristine collection of luxury vintage watches. This couldn't have taken place without the help and support of local boutique owner Sami Nakishbendi. Sami is the business owner of the fabulous boutique Bendi jewelers located in the heart of Manayunk's beautiful Main Street. A long side with one of my mentors in the watch industry and long time friend Andy from Sansom Watches ( We will be hosting this extraordinary event featuring a collection of highly collectible Rolex, Breitling's, and Omega's; also featuring Terra Cielo Mare and OOO Watches. A couple of other brands you may not of heard of may be there too!

This event will be taking place at Bendi Jewelers on Saturday December 17th from 12:00 PM until 5:00 PM. Come down to this event even if you feel like just talking about watches; we will be having wine! We can help you out with your next purchase and give you our expert opinion on an addition to your collection. We will also be offering our expertise for free appraisals and recommendations for a new addition to your collection. 

Out Of Order Torpedine Blue

As the Holiday season is approaching us and time is ticking on purchasing a gift for your loved one, let us have the opportunity to guide you towards a unforgettable keepsake that will be remembered for the next generation. Alongside the legendary brands we all know and love; Patek Phillpe,  Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Michelle, Tag Heuer, Ball, and Movado, we will be displaying a variety of exquisite, trendy, indie brands. These brands include Terra Cielo Mare, Out Of Order Watches, Blanchet, Oyster Unlimited, and Mias Italy bracelets. I have discovered these incredible brands over the past year from my travels around the world, and from my exploration I have brought these brands back to introduce to the American market. 


Less then a year after starting this voyage,  I will have the opportunity to share my knowledge and hard work with Manayunk. Come down to Bendi Jewelers on December 17th at 4333 Main Street in Manayunk and have a conversation with me, and in the Manayunk tradition maybe a glass or two of the good stuff. 


The Ocean Stirs the Heart, Inspires the Imagination and Brings Eternal Joy to the Soul

TCM Watches - Mare Collection

The last watches in the TCM collection takes us into the depths of the sea. The watches in the Mare, or Sea collection, beam with historical significance and unparalleled design.

The Tazzoli and Tazzoli Oceanico: two watches that pay homage to the Italian built submarine the Tazzoli, under the command of Carlo Fecia di Cossato. The design of the Tazzoli Oceanico endeavored to replicate every single detail of the submarine’s history, starting with the patented inclinometer on the back case: an inclinometer is used to gauge the slant of the hull during the submarines’ immersion. The crown is positioned at two o’clock and is in the shape of a torpedo. Staying faithful to design the dial is well appointed with internal (24 hour) and external (12 hour) marking true to the old equipment used by officers of the Tazzoli submarine. Besides the coloring of the dial, the inclinaometer on the back case of the Tazzoli uses a different measuring scale than the Tazzoli Oceanico. Both of these watches are limited edition pieces (88), making it ideal for collectors.

Terra Cielo Mare - Tazzoli

Terra Cielo Mare - Tazzoli

Terra Cielo Mare - Tazzoli Oceanico

Terra Cielo Mare - Tazzoli Oceanico

The last watch in the TCM collection is the Artiglio. The Artiglio is named after a steamer and it successor the Artiglio II. The Artiglio along with an experienced crew of Italian divers, were responsible for some of the most important relic marine recoveries in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The watch is equipped with a manual helium escape valve, a valuable instrument for divers who descend to great depths. This watch is designed to with stand pressure at 100 ATM’s or 1000 meters.

Terra Cielo Mare - Artiglio

Terra Cielo Mare - Artiglio

For more historical information on the complete line of TCM watches you can visit their webpage These and other watches from TCM are available in the USA and Canada through Iron Bridge Watch Co.


Beyond The Peaks

TCM Watches - Cielo Collection

In my last blog we had our feet firmly planted on terra firma as we explored the Terra, or Land collection, of the watches made by Terra Cielo Mare, TCM, of Italy.  The next line of watches from the TCM collection pulls the feet from under us and looks towards the sky or Cielo for its inspiration.

The Cielo collection is made up of eight watches, and draws its vision from the pilots who dedicated, or at times, lost their lives soaring the horizon. This collection pulls heavily from the pages of WWII history for its design and historical intrigue. Pilots who soared the sky during this period often found little time to fidget with their timepieces, given all that was going on around them. As a result, they required a functional watch that was easy to read, simple to use, as well as providing a wealth of information to the pilots who wore them.

The first watch in the Cielo collection is the Il Sorci Verdi. This watch is limited to 79 pieces and makes it a great collector’s piece.  The design of the watch is dedicated to the great air force squadron of Sorci Verdi “Green Mice”, the watch itself is designed to replicate the clock equipped on the Italian torpedo bomber SM79 (Sparviero or Sparrowhawk).  All the watches in this series have a small metal plate taken from an original SM79 aircraft attached on the side of the watchcase.  What really makes this watch unique is there is no crown to set the watch; instead the craftsmen at TCM designed a patented lever release system, which uses the bezel to set the time.  When the lever is in the closed position, this automatic watch will charge. You set the time when the lever is open.  This is one of my favorite watches in the TCM collection.

TCM - Il Sorci Verdi
TCM - Il Sorci Verdi Case Back

CM's Il Sorci Verdi (Front & Back)

The next two watches in the Cielo collection are the Crono Sorci Verdi Manicino and the Crono Sorci Verdi Manicino PVD. These two watches were made to honor the great aviators of the Sorci Verdi “Green Mice”(depicted on the dial) squadron. The buttons in these watches are on the left side of the case. This allows the aviators the ability to use their thumb to activate the chronograph button. You will also notice that the chronograph button has a red detail on it. This small feature is to honor the wives of the pilots.  Wives of the pilots use to paint the fuselage of the SM79 aircraft with red nail polish as a symbol of good luck. The two watches in this collection are similar as far as the mechanics go, the slight difference is the use of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposit) used to give the watch a protective cover which is very resistant to scratches and wear.

The Toponi Officer and its rich cousin Toponi Officer-Oro are next in the collection. Parts of the Oro model are made of 18k pink gold and limited to 25 pieces. The aviation aspect of Toponi Officer is that by offsetting the dial by 2 hours, the pilots were able to keep track of time without their hands leaving the flight stick. A really cool feature of this collection? Every watch is equipped with a door on the back of the watchcase that opens. One could only image what secrets or battle orders were concealed in the secret compartments worn on an officer’s wrist.

The next watch in the Cielo collection draws many similarities to the Il Sorci Verdi watch. Just like the Il Sorci Verdi watch the Zero-Zen (a nickname given by the Americans in WWII) forgoes the crown in favor the patented lever release system to set the time. The craftsmen at TCM acknowledge the innovative design of the Mitsubishi A6M, perhaps the most important aircraft in Japanese war history. Besides being easy to read, the dial stays faithful to the original model found in the aircrafts, with the 12 hour clock on the outer ring and a 24 hour clock on the inside. Just like the IL Sorci Verdi, TCM has a piece of a Mitsubishi A6M attached to the side of the case. This piece too is a limited edition; only 88 pieces available that can be seen on the dial of each watch.

TCM - Zero-Zen
TCM - Zero-Zen Case Back

TCM's Zero-Zen (Front & Back)

The final watches in the Cielo collection are the Avio MK-II (available in 4 finishes: gun, white, classic, tropical) and the Avio MK-II Pelican. These watches honor the aviation engineers, mechanics and pilots who competed for the Schneider Cup (established in 1911). This group of individuals were driven to design and propel single engine planes to their maximum threshold of performance. When you first look at the dial of the Avio MK-II Pelican you’d think it was a stopwatch since the numbers on the outer face of the dial are calibrated into minutes, a very unique feature of the watch. The back case on all the watches in this series bear an engraving of a famous MC72 seaplane, an aircraft made famous by Marshal Francesco Agello, who set the world speed record in 1934.

For more historical information on the complete line of TCM watches you can visit their webpage

These and other watches from TCM are available in the USA and Canada through Iron Bridge Watch Co. Look in the coming weeks for the third of this three part series on TCM when I explore the Mare, or Sea line.

Another Peak Reached

Terra Cielo Mare Orienteering Cerro Torre

Just after posting my latest blog “New Peaks to Climb”, I received a text from Luca Fontana introducing a new addition to the Terra collection. Terra Cielo Mare is proud to present a very limited edition (20 pieces) new version to the Orienteering model: Cerro Torre. This watch is a collaboration between TCM and Ragni di Lecco (a group of alpine enthusiasts who successfully scaled Cerro Torre “Scream of Stone” in February 2016).

Just like the other models in the Orienteering collection, the Cerro Torre is a functional solar compass that is not influenced by magnetic fields or electronic failures during the day. During the nighttime the star map on the back case of all orienteering watches provides a useful navigational tool when combing the heavens for the North Star and Southern Cross.

Orienteering Cerro Torre Front
Orienteering Cerro Torre Case Back

The truly unique and collectable aspect of the Cerro Torre, is that the actual dial of the watch is made from the genuine stone found on the Cerro Torre mountain of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field in South America, thus making the Orienteering Cerro Torre a true collector's dream choice.

Terra Cielo Mare and Ragni di Lecco have also agreed that part of the proceeds of the sale of the Orienteering Cerro Torre will be donated to Nepal mountain communities. This will help in their efforts to rejuvenate alpinism (a key activity in Nepal), which was heavily damaged as a result of the 2015 earthquake.

Orienteering Cerro Torre Close Up

Technical features and pricing for the Orienteering Cerro Torre and other watches in the TCM collection may be obtained through Iron Bridge Watch Co. by filling out the form below.

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New Peaks to Climb

Being a watch enthusiast can be a hard job; does one stick with tried and true or does one boldly go to where few dare to venture. This can be said of watchmakers as well; while most strive to imitate the big boys, a few will journey down a different path. Introducing a new brand can be a demanding endeavor with long steep ascends to success or catastrophic descends into failure.  Every step of this expedition needs to be planned in order to attain prominence in the horologic realm.