Ho • rol • o • gy

1. the art or science of making timepieces or of measuring time


Iron Bridge Watch Company started as a hobby and passion of an avid watch collector for many years. The owner, Chad Tsagris, a professional figure skating competitor, travelled the world and gained knowledge of watches, wine, and lifestyle, which has enabled us to bring a unique perspective to the watch industry. Chad developed Iron bridge Watch Company to bring his knowledge and love of horology to the world. At Iron Bridge Watch Co., we bring the highest quality and uniquely distinctive products to market across North America.

Our mission here at Iron Bridge Watch Co. is to bring unique and distinctive brands to the North American market. As a authorized retailer, we have searched the globe for watches that truly speak to then next generation of watch enthusiasts. By marketing to the younger demographic, we hope to bring the next generation of watch lovers and collectors something they will love for years to come. From someone who is just starting out, to the experienced and avid collector, we want to cater to the needs of the customer and clientele.

Iron Bridge Watch Company is looking onward to the future; preserving the heritage of watchmaking and horology.